Table 1.

Engraftment of human pancreatic cancers into NOD/SCID mice

Tumor no.OriginMice tumor formationPassage in miceDiagnosis
1Primary tumorYesYesAdenocarcinoma
2Primary tumorYesYesAdenocarcinoma
4Primary tumorYesYesAdenocarcinoma
5Primary tumorYesYesAdenocarcinoma
7Primary tumorYesYesAdenocarcinoma
8Primary tumorYesYesAdenocarcinoma
9Primary tumorYesYesAdenocarcinoma
10Primary tumorYesYesAdenocarcinoma
  • NOTE: Mice were injected with unsorted primary pancreatic adenocarcinomas minced into 2-mm pieces. Cells from all 10 xenografts and one primary tumor were isolated by flow cytometry as described in Fig. 1. All of the tumors were primary pancreatic tumors, except tumors 3 and 6, which were metastatic tumors. All of the tumors were passaged serially in mice.