Table 1.

Gene Ontology analysis of differentially expressed genes between H-MM and NH-MM

Category *Genes in list in categoryP
Gene Ontology biological process
GO:6412: protein biosynthesis329.26e−10
GO:9059: macromolecule biosynthesis322.62e−08
GO:44249: cellular biosynthesis387.57e−07
GO:9058: biosynthesis411.00e−06
GO:44267: cellular protein metabolism686.14e−06
GO:44260: cellular macromolecule metabolism689.13e−06
GO:19538: protein metabolism681.01e−05
GO:43170: macromolecule metabolism876.90e−05
GO:43037: translation120.000111
GO:42981: regulation of apoptosis150.00485
GO:43067: regulation of programmed cell death150.00498
Gene Ontology molecular function
GO:3735: structural constituent of ribosome205.90e−11
GO:3723: RNA binding277.11e−07
GO:5198: structural molecule activity230.00644
Gene Ontology cellular component
GO:5840: ribosome162.28e−08
GO:30529: ribonucleoprotein complex211.33e−07
GO:5737: cytoplasm874.48e−06
GO:43234: protein complex494.58e−06
GO:43229: intracellular organelle1310.000469
GO:43226: organelle1310.000469
GO:5622: intracellular1500.000816
GO:5739: mitochondrion230.00186
  • * Only GO categories that are significantly associated with the differentially expressed genes at P < 0.01 and contain more than 10 of these differentially expressed genes are included in the table.