Table 1.

A collation of 19 distinct data sets were used to measure trends in copy number aberrations between cancer types

Site/diagnosisSample typenSourceProbe typeNo. probes
BreastTumors47Penn databaseBAC4,135
Tumors43Pollack et al. ( 36)cDNA5,686
Cell lines22Penn databaseBAC4,135
OvaryTumors76Penn databaseBAC4,135
Cell lines27Penn databaseBAC4,135
SarcomaTumors63Penn databaseBAC4,135
Cell lines18Penn databaseBAC4,135
MelanomaTumors20Penn databaseBAC4,135
Tumors126Curtin et al. ( 28)BAC2,463
Cell lines42Penn databaseBAC4,135
ColonTumors125Nakao et al. ( 26)BAC2,463
Tumors37Douglas et al. ( 25)BAC3,500
Tumors50Mehta et al. (46)BAC3,500
Cell lines48Douglas et al. ( 25)BAC3,500
PancreasTumors13Aguirre et al. ( 12)cDNA14,120
Cell lines24Aguirre et al. ( 12)cDNA14,120
LungTumors51Zhao et al. ( 21)SNP115,593
Cell lines20Zhao et al. ( 21)SNP115,593
Cell lines20Garnis et al. ( 20)BAC32,000
Tumor totals651
Cell line totals221
Grand totals872