Table 1.

IC50 values of fulvestrant, tamoxifen anastrozole, letrozole, and exemestane in MCF-MCF-7Ca, LTLT-Ca, and RLT-Ca cells

IC50 (nmol/L)MCF-7CaLTLT-CaRLT-Ca
Letrozole0.0443>1 μmol/L1.85
Anastrozole28>1 μmol/L58
Exemestane59>1 μmol/L71
Tamoxifen128>1 μmol/L19.8 μmol/L
Fulvestrant5.4>1 μmol/L28
  • NOTE: Cell viability of cells was measured by MTT assay after 6 d of treatment as described in Materials and Methods. IC50 values were calculated from the nonlinear regression of the plot of cell viability (% of control) versus log inhibitor concentration.