Table 2.

Major allele frequencies and FBAT results (n = 403 families)

dbSNP IDBase pair positionGeneLocationAlleles major>minorMajor allele frequencyFBAT *
Affected (n = 542)Unaffected (n = 473)nZ scoreP
rs443079633,172,153TCF2Intron 2A>G0.590.532102.730.006
rs750193933,175,269TCF2Intron 1C>T0.670.621982.640.008
  • NOTE: rs4430796 and rs7501939 are in strong linkage disequilibrium (r2 = 0.68).

  • * Based on the combined sample of men with and without prostate cancer and an additive genetic model for the major allele.

  • Number of informative families.