Table 3.

Comparison of ORs for 17q SNPs tested in the University of Michigan, Gudmundsson et al., and the Cancer Genetic Markers of Susceptibility studies

dbSNP IDRisk alleleUM *Gudmundsson et al. CGEMS
OR (95% CI)POR (95% CI)POR (95% CI)P
rs4430796A1.40 (1.09–1.81)0.0091.20 (1.11–1.31)<0.0011.17 (1.04–1.31)0.009
rs7501939C1.44 (1.10–1.89)0.0081.17 (1.08–1.27)<0.0011.19 (1.06–1.34)0.004
rs1859962G1.21 (0.94–1.56)0.1321.16 (1.07–1.26)<0.0011.19 (1.06–1.34)0.003
  • NOTE: ORs were computed under an additive genetic model.

    Abbreviations: UM, University of Michigan; CGEMS, Cancer Genetic Markers of Susceptibility.

  • * Before conducting the conditional logistic regression analyses, we excluded 38 men (from 10 families) who were not brothers of the index case, resulting in a reduced sample size of 977 men and 604 discordant sibling pairs.

  • Logistic regression as reported by Gudmundsson et al. ( 7), all samples combined (1,501 cases and 11,289 controls).

  • Logistic regression, unadjusted for covariates (1,155 cases and 1,106 controls).