Table 1.

Characteristics of patients

DiagnosisSubgroupN% of total with abnormal SNP-A% of total with UPD% of those with abnormal SNP-A having UPD
Total (n = 301)MDS (n = 140)RA/RARS/RCMD/5q67631829
RAEB I/II28791418
Secondary AML45672030
MDS/MPD (n = 81)MDS/MPDu29663453
Secondary AML *25886068
MPD (n = 14)N/a71005757
Secondary AML7865767
pAML (n = 66)N/a66562443
  • NOTE: Samples from 116 healthy individuals were used as controls.

    Abbreviations: N/a, not applicable; pAML, primary AML.

  • * Includes patients who evolved to AML from both MDS/MPDu and CMML.