Table 2.

Knockdown of Lgl2 in shZEB1 knockdown clones leads to a reduced expression of E-cadherin and stable overexpression of Lgl2 results in an increase of E-cadherin expression in HEK293 cells

Cell clonesiRNAPercentage relat. (Lgl2)mRNA expression (E-cadherin)
SW480shZEB Z3si control100100
SW480shZEB Z3si Lgl2 11378
SW480shZEB Z3si Lgl2 2744
MDAshZEB Z13si control100100
MDAshZEB Z13si Lgl2 13574
MDAshZEB Z13si Lgl2 2538
HEK 293 control100100
HEK 293 Lgl2681394