Table 1.

Summary of hAHS2 mRNA and protein expression and cDNA sequences in different human cell lines and primary cell cultures

CellsOriginhASH2 mRNA levels (Northern/real-time PCR) *hASH2 protein levels (steady state)hASH2 cDNA sequence
HDFHuman diploid fibroblasts+/++Wild-type
HMECHuman mammary epithelial cellsND/++Wild-type
PBMCPeripheral blood mononuclear cellsND/ND+ND
BT20Mamma adenocarcinoma+/++ND
BT474Mamma ductal carcinoma+/++++Wild-type
BT483Mamma ductal carcinoma++/+++++Wild-type
BT549Mamma ductal carcinoma+/ND+ND
CAL-51Mamma adenocarcinoma+/ND++ND
ZR75-1Mamma ductal carcinoma+/ND++ND
ZR75-30Mamma ductal carcinoma+/ND+ND
EFM19Mamma adenocarcinoma+/ND++Wild-type
EFM192AMamma adenocarcinoma+/ND++Wild-type
EFM192BMamma adenocarcinoma+/ND++ND
EFM192CMamma adenocarcinoma+/ND+ND
HS578TMamma carcinoma+/ND+ND
T47DMamma ductal carcinoma+/+++Wild-type
MFM223Mamma carcinoma++/+++++Wild-type
MDA-MB134VIMamma ductal carcinoma++/ND+++Wild-type
MDA-MB361Mamma ductal carcinoma+/+NDWild-type
MDA-MB415Mamma adenocarcinoma+/ND++ND
MDA-MB435sMamma ductal carcinoma+/ND++ND
MDA-MB436Mamma adenocarcinomaND/ND+ND
MDA-MB453Mamma carcinoma+/ND++ND
MDA-MB468Mamma adenocarcinoma+/ND++ND
KPL-1Mamma ductal carcinoma+/NDNDND
UAC-812Mamma ductal carcinoma+/ND++ND
UAC-893Mamma ductal carcinoma+/ND++ND
HBL-100From breast milk, contains SV40+/NDNDWild-type
SK-BR3Mamma adenocarcinoma+/ND++ND
MCF7Mamma carcinoma+/ND++ND
MCF12aFrom reduction mammoplasty, spontaneously immortalized+/++Wild-type
HeLaCervical carcinoma+/ND++ND
HEK293Human epithelial kidney derived, contains adenoviral DNAND/+++ND
JurkatT cell lymphoma+/ND+ND
MancaBurkitt's lymphomaND/ND+ND
NawalmaBurkitt's lymphomaND/ND+ND
CA46Burkitt's lymphomaND/ND++ND
RamosBurkitt's lymphomaND/ND+ND
U937Promyelocytic leukemiaND/ND++ND
HL60Promyelocytic leukemia+/ND++ND
  • Abbreviation: ND, not determined.

  • * See also hASH2 expression in additional cell lines that were used for control on the cancer array ( Fig. 3B).

  • The 2,360-bp cDNAs of hASH2 were amplified using PCR from the indicated primary cells and cell lines, and sequenced. All 12 sequences were identical to the NCBI reference sequence NM 004674.