Table 1.

Mean distribution volume and K1 values of [methyl-11C]temozolomide in human tissue

ROInmVD(1)VD(2)K1 (s−1)MRT (s)
Normal Brain7580.93 (0.46)0.52 (0.08)0.033 (0.016)39 (31)
Tumor7581.41 (0.58)0.92 (0.11)0.052 (0.025)38 (30)
Parameter values excluding contribution from blood volume
Normal Brain7580.90 (0.46)0.0003 (0.0001)3,400 (1,600)
Tumor7581.35 (0.58)0.0016 (0.0009)1,000 (600)
  • NOTE: VD(1), K1, and MRT (mean residence time) were calculated using spectral analysis ( 12) and averaging over m slices from scans of n patients; VD(2) was calculated using the rank-shaped estimator ( 28). Tissue pharmacokinetic parameters derived with and without contribution of regional blood volume are presented. The SDs are in parentheses.

    Abbreviation: ROI, region of interest.