Table 1.

Distribution of histopathologic types in mammary tumors from p75 and p110 CUX1 transgenic mice

Type of mammary tumorsp75 CUX1, n (%)p110 CUX1, n (%)
Adenosquamous carcinoma10 (71) *2 (22)
Adenoma: tubular acinar1 (11)
Adenomyoepithelioma1 (11)
Solid carcinoma4 (29)5 (56)
  • NOTE: One p75 CUX1 mouse developed two distinct tumors: an adenosquamous carcinoma in one mammary gland and a solid carcinoma in another mammary gland.

  • * A significantly higher proportion of adenosquamous carcinomas were observed in p75 CUX1 mice (P = 0.0361).