Table 1.

Myc regulates the expression of target genes involved in ribosome biogenesis and protein synthesis

Myc Target GenesFunction
Ribosomal Proteins: (Large and small subunit), i.e., RPL21; RPL23A; RPL29; RPL34; RPL35; RPL39; RPS14; RPS16; RPS17; RPS19; RPS24; RPS25; RPS3Structural components of the ribosome and protein synthesis control
Translation factors: Initiation factors, eIF4E, eIF4G, eIF4A, eIF4B, eIF5A; Elongation factors, EEF1B2; EEF1D; EEF1GProteins that regulate the initiation or elongation steps of protein synthesis
NPMRibosome biogenesis
UBFrRNA transcription
DKC1rRNA modifications. Component of the H/ACA-box snoRNPs; Control of IRES-dependent translation
Nucleolar antigen Nop52Pre-rRNA processing
Nucleolar protein Nop56rRNA modifications; Component of the C/d-box snoRNPs
rRNAStructural components of the ribosome