Table 3.

Classification of families based on recurrence of TMPRSS2-ERG status

Family classificationObserved (n)Expected (n)
Fusion positive (≥2 members positive)16/3613/36 *
Discordant (one single positive proband)12/3617/36 *
Fusion negative (concordantly negative probands)8/366/36 *
Fusion-with-deletion positive (≥2 members positive)6/364/36
Discordant (one single positive proband)13/3616/36
Fusion-with-deletion negative (concordantly negative)17/3616/36
  • * Assumed frequency of fusion is 0.59 (44/75) among all probands.

  • Assumed frequency of fusion-with-deletion is 0.33 (25/75) among all probands.