Table 4.

Potential susceptibility loci for TMPRSS2-ERG fusions from genome-wide scan in 10 prostate cancer families

Marker (chromosomal position)DeCODE position (cM)Multipoint NPL (P)Multipoint LOD (P)Single-point LOD
D9S175 (9q21)73 (MapViewer: 71)1.86 (0.029)1.87 (0.003)1.16
D18S478 (18q11)52 (MapViewer: 51)2.77 (0.001)0.64 (0.049)−0.7
D18S68 (18q22)90 (MapViewer: 89)2.17 (0.011)1.90 (0.002)1.21
DXS8013 (Xq27)149 (MapViewer: 142)2.21 (0.002)2.16 (0.002)1.45
D10S217 (10q24)154 (MapViewer: 160)2.17 (0.009)1.73 (0.001)1.57
D11S968 (11q25)156 (MapViewer: 152)2.30 (0.001)1.81 (0.002)1.47
D12S326 (12q21)93 (MapViewer: 91)2.50 (0.003)1.79 (0.004)1.56
  • NOTE: Multipoint LOD and NPL scores as well as single-point LOD scores are shown. The P values are empirical and not adjusted for multiple testing. They have been obtained in a simulation study. The deCODE positions of the markers are given (a) as used in the evaluation of the original scan and (b) as retrieved from MapViewer.