Table 1.

Overview of patients

PatientmRNA first vaccinationTime after injection (h)%RedistributionTAA protein expressionT-cell specificity DTH: mRNA-DC *T-cell specificity DTH: peptide-loaded DC *
2E-03Gp100245.3+Control: 0.09%Control: 0.12%
Gp100: 0.45%Gp100: 0.71%
Tyrosinase: 0.56%Tyrosinase: 1.13%
2E-04 Gp100ndndndNoneNone
2E-05 Gp10048ndNoneNone
2E-06Gp1002438+Control: 0.06%Control: 0.07%
Tyrosinase: 0.45%Tyrosinase: 1.01%
2E-07 §Gp100487.6ndControl: 0 pg/mLControl: 0 pg/mL
Tyrosinase: 90 pg/mLTyrosinase: 21 pg/mL
2E-08 Gp100ndndndControl: 0.05%Control: 0.03%
Gp100: 0.28%Gp100: 0.39%
2E-09Tyrosinase240Control: 0.03%
Gp100: 0.28%
Control: 0 pg/mLControl: 0.05%
Tyrosinase: 492 pg/mLGp100: 0.33%
2E-10 Tyrosinase240ndControl: 0.08%Control: 0.03%
Tyrosinase: 0.23%Gp100: 0.06%
Tyrosinase: 0.46%
2E-11Tyrosinase2465+Control: 0.10%Control: 15 pg/mL
Gp100: 0.71%Tyrosinase: 924 pg/mL
  • Abbreviation: nd, not done.

  • * Percentage of tetramer-positive cells in DIL cultures from biopsies of DTH sites induced by either mRNA-DC or peptide-loaded DC. Due to technical problems with tetramers in some cases, IFNγ production after stimulation with irrelevant peptide (control) or relevant peptide is depicted.

  • No superficial lymph nodes due to previous sentinel lymph node removal; no accessible lymph nodes present in axillary lymph node region.

  • No 111In radiolabeling.

  • § No lymph nodes isolated.

  • Surgery was cancelled due to high blood pressure; no scintigraphy.

  • Cells were injected in perinodal fat; lymph node was missed.