Table 4.

Cox-Proportional hazard ratios, time from diagnosis to death in months for 120 well-differentiated adenocarcinomas (75% of tumors in cohort) by MUC2 expression (negative versus weak, moderate, and strong)

Histology% of all tumorsNoMUC2 expressionMedian survival *Unadjusted Model HR (95% CI)Adjusted Model HR (95% CI)
Differentiated ductal AC75%94Signal5.01.9(1.2, 2.9)1.9(1.2, 3.2)
26No Signal17.51.0Reference1.0Reference
  • NOTE: Associations not shown for 24 poorly differentiated ductal AC, 7 neuroendocrine, and 10 specialized adenocarcinomas.

  • * Survival time in months from diagnosis to death.

  • Adjusted for gender, time period, age (<75 versus 75+ y), race (Asian versus non-Asian), stage (local and regional versus distant and unstaged), pancreatic versus metastatic tissue, and ever versus never surgical or radiation treatment for pancreatic cancer.