Table 1.

Description of colon cancer cases used for flow cytometry sorting of ALDH+ cells and the number of serial passages of xenograft lines

CaseGenderAgeLocation of tumorStageNo. passages *
CCXL 1Female52AscendingT3N0M07/8
CCXL 2Female70SigmoidT3N1M07/9
CCXL 3Male79CecumT3N1M09/10
CCXL 4 Male75SigmoidT2N0M012/12
CCXL 5Male41DescendingT3N1M04/5
CCXL 6Female67AscendingT4N0M04/6
CCXL 7 Female65AscendingT3N1M05/5
  • * Numerator gives the number of passages generated using Aldefluor+ cells and the denominator gives the total number of passages to date. All xenograft lines still continue to be passaged.

  • In these two cases, xenograft tumors were first generated by implanting Aldefluor+ cells isolated directly from the primary tumor. In the other five cases, xenograft tumors were initially generated by implanting cells from the primary tumor in a NOD-SCID mouse and then subsequent xenografts were generated serially using Aldefluor+ cells isolated from a xenograft tumor.