Table 1.

Comparison between capture efficiency of anti-EGFR aptamer and EGFR-specific antibody

EGFR antibodyAnti-EGFR aptamer
hGBM cellsFibroblasthGBM cellsFibroblast

NOTE: The average number of cells on 10 substrate surfaces is 436 (5 with EGFR antibody and 5 with anti-EGFR aptamer). Because the hGBMs were mixed with fibroblast in the ratio of 1:1, 218 hGBMs and 218 fibroblast cells were considered for this comparison. The average captured hGBMs and fibroblasts on EGFR antibody substrates are 188 (SD, 17.2) and 68 (SD, 11.0), respectively, and the average captured hGBMs and fibroblasts on anti-EGFR aptamer substrates are 84 (SD, 22.8) and 10 (SD, 4.3), respectively.