Table 2.

Molecules in the highest confidence (P = 1.0E−41) network of genes differentially expressed following CLOCK knockdown

SymbolAccessionRelevant functionsFold changeQ
ANTXR1NM_032208Angiogenesis, cell migration—elevated in tumors2.394.97E−05
ANXA1NM_000700Malignant transformation—lost in most breast carcinomas5.621.67E−11
Ap1NM_002228Transcription factor, tumor promotion1.303.18E−01
AVPNM_000490Growth factor, cell cycle progression−2.001.18E−03
BDKRB2NM_000623Breast cell proliferation−2.061.63E−03
CAPN8XM_938885Membrane trafficking, estrogen responsive2.368.29E−04
CCL5NM_002985Cell cycle progression, elevated in breast carcinomas−2.943.17E−06
CD36NM_001001547Inhibitor of angiogenesis, downregulated by estradiol2.941.25E−05
CHGANM_001275ER responsive, associated with ERA positivity−2.278.12E−04
GAB2NM_012296Cell proliferation and breast carcinogenesis−2.021.76E−03
HOXA7NM_006896Transcription factor, inhibits differentiation2.541.21E−03
IL29NM_172140Cytokine with antiviral and antiproliferative activity−2.203.99E−03
MGAT3AK125361Glycosyltransferase, inhibits tumor metastasis−2.911.02E−03
MIFNM_002415Cytokine, enhances tumor growth and angiogenesis2.047.63E−05
S100PNM_005980Induction of metastasis and breast tumor progression−2.295.99E−05
TNFRSF11BNM_002546Cancer cell migration and differentiation2.181.65E−08
TNFRSF4NM_003327Member of the TNFR superfamily, facilitates tumor rejection−2.321.57E−02
UGT2B10NM_001075Phase II metabolic enzyme2.202.78E−04
UGT2B15NM_001076Phase II metabolic enzyme, regulated by androgen and estrogen2.742.44E−06
UGT2B17NM_001077Phase II metabolic enzyme, regulated by androgen3.366.37E−05
VTNNM_000638Cellular adhesion and migration−2.693.78E−04

NOTE: The following transcripts were included in the network, but refer to a gene family or other molecule with no unique mRNA transcript for assignment of fold change or P value, and were thus excluded from the table: glucuronosyltransferase, calpain, Creb, ERK, MAPK, IL1, LDL, PI3K Pkc(s), PLC, PLD, STAT, Tgfβ, and UGT.