Table 2.

Partial correlation coefficients between plasma levels of homocysteine and cysteine and related markers among control subjects (n = 812) adjusted for matching factors

Plasma levels
Homocysteine (nmol/mL)Cysteine (nmol/mL)
Plasma levels*
    Homocysteine (nmol/mL)1.000.53
    Cysteine (nmol/mL)0.531.00
    Cysteinylglycine (nmol/mL)0.540.44
    Folate (ng/mL)−0.310.18
    PLP (pmol/mL)−0.180.10
    Vitamin B12 (pg/mL)−0.200.15
Dietary intake*
    Methionine (g/d)−0.020.03
    Cystine (g/d)−0.030.02
    Folate (g/d)−0.230.03
    Total vitamin A intake (IU/d)−0.20−0.01
    Total vitamin C intake (mg/d)−0.170.02
    Total β-carotene intake (μg/d)−0.15−0.02
Alcohol consumption (g/d)0.010.002
Vitamin E (treatment vs placebo)−0.040.003
Tobacco consumption (cigarette/d)0.080.004
BMI (kg/m2)0.020.13

NOTE: Matching factors include age, month, and year of blood return; date of blood draw; fasting status; postmenopausal status; postmenopausal hormone use; and trial randomization date.

  • *Nutrient intakes and concentrations were loge transformed.

  • P < 0.0001.