Table 1.

Selected means and proportions for characteristics of participants in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study by red meat quintile from the RFQ (n = 300,948)

CharacteristicsQuintiles of red meat intake, g/1,000 kcal
Mean intake of red meat (g/1,000 kcal)8.920.830.842.366.5
Gender (% male)
Age (y)
Education, college graduate or postgraduate (%)46.741.740.639.037.3
Race (%)
    Non-Hispanic White89.
    Non-Hispanic Black5.
    Asian, Pacific Islander, American Indian, Alaskan Native2.
Family history of colorectal cancer (%)
BMI, kg/m225.626.527.027.428.2
Smoking history (%)
    Never smoker41.238.435.933.830.8
    Former smoker47.647.648.348.548.8
    Current smoker or having quit <1 y ago7.710.712.714.417.1
Vigorous physical activity, >5 times/wk (%)27.721.318.617.115.8
Regular* use of NSAIDs (%)63.366.768.068.267.9
Dietary variables (mean intake)
    Energy (kcal/d)16851741181218791978
    Alcohol (g/d)11.913.512.912.211.0
    Calcium (mg/1,000 kcal)501467435405361
    Fiber (g/1,000 kcal)13.811.510.710.09.1
    Fruits (cup equivalents/1,000 kcal)
    Vegetables (cup equivalents/1,000 kcal)
  • Abbreviation: NSAIDs; Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

  • *Defined as two to three times per month or more.