Table 2.

Cox proportional hazards regression for event-free survival in patients without 1p deletion (195 neuroblastomas)

FactorEffectHazard ratio (95% confidence limits)P
CAMTA1 expressionaLow vs. high4.42 (1.64–9.67)0.002
Stage3, 4 vs. 1, 2, 4s1.14 (0.5–2.63)0.76
Age≥1.5 years vs. <1.5 years1.74 (0.76–3.99)0.19
MYCN amplificationYes vs. no2.38 (0.27–20.99)0.43

NOTES: CAMTA1 expression was derived from array expression data from 195 neuroblastomas (17). Results specific for oligo probe A_32_P4981 are shown. Two other independent CAMTA1-specific probes (A_32_P4985 and A_24_P220921) revealed similar results.

aTo correct for potential hazard ratio overestimation due to cutoff selection, parameter estimate shrinkage was applied. To correct confidence limits and P values, bootstrap resampling, together with a shrinkage procedure, was used.