Table 3.

Results from multivariate logistic regression analysis of SNPs in 8q24 Region 3, ESRRB and SALL4

EffectaOR (95% CI)OR, P
8q24 Region 31.17 (1.05, 1.30)0.004
ESRRB1.25 (1.06, 1.48)0.009
SALL40.89 (0.79, 1.00)0.04
8q24 Region 3:ESRRB0.86 (0.76, 0.99)0.03
8q24 Region 3:SALL41.11 (1.01, 1.21)0.02

NOTE: ESRRB and SALL4 are transcription factors that serve as positive regulators and target genes of POU5F1. The regression model allowed for pair-wise interactions between each gene and 8q24 Region 3. An omnibus test on both interaction parameters produced a P value of 0.007.

aEach effect is obtained from a single model that includes the main effect of 3 SNPs and interaction terms (indicated by colon) of 8q24 Region 3 with ESRRB and SALL4.