Table 1.

Characteristics of the ER+ and ER primary breast cancer patients in the study

CharacteristicsER+ (N = 44)ER (N = 38)
DFS at 5 y (estimated by Kaplan–Meier)87%71%
HER2+/no. of cases annotated4/2010/25
Median % Ki672050
AJCC stage
Median tumor size, mm2859
Having <1 mm margin107
 Locoregion therapy311

NOTE: A total of 21 additional samples were arrayed and used for ER classification, but not for outcome analyses. These 21 cases were excluded from the outcome analysis for the following reasons: neoadjuvant treatment (n = 8), samples obtained 6 months after the initial diagnosis (n = 10), and progression within 6 month after diagnosis (n = 10).

Abbreviations: DFS, disease-free survival or total follow-up in No Progression cases; AJCC, American Joint Commission on Cancer.

aTherapies add up to more than totals because of cases with both endocrine and chemotherapy; locoregional therapy only (surgery ± radiation).