Table 1.

Canonical pathways in Notch-regulated transcriptome

Ingenuity canonical pathwaysPRatioPRatio
MRK-003 downregulated
Cell-cycle control of chromosomal replication0.000.470.040.17
Pyrimidine metabolism0.
ATM signaling0.
Cyclins and cell-cycle regulation0.
Breast Cancer Regulation by Stathmin10.
Cell cycle: G2–M DNA damage checkpoint regulation0.
Protein Ubiquitination Pathway0.
Purine metabolism0.
p53 Signaling0.
Germ cell–sertoli cell junction signaling0.
RAN signaling0.
Prostate cancer signaling0.
Molecular mechanisms of cancer0.
Antiproliferative role of TOB in T-cell signaling0.050.340.000.27
MRK-003 upregulated
Biosynthesis of steroids0.
Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism0.
Production of nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species in macrophages0.
TR/RXR activation0.
Metabolism of xenobiotics by cytochrome P4500.