Table 1.

Top 10 networks and the associated functions of the 1,124 genes whose binding to eIF4E was induced by radiation

IDScoreFocus moleculesTop functions
14633Genetic disorder, skeletal and muscular disorders, neurologic disease
24433Cancer, cellular movement, connective tissue development and function
34432Cancer, infectious disease, respiratory disease
44231DNA replication, recombination, and repair, cell cycle, gene expression
53930Cellular function and maintenance, cellular compromise, tissue development
63930RNA posttranscriptional modification, dermatologic diseases and conditions, genetic disorder
73729Posttranslational modification, cellular movement, cell cycle
83528Amino acid metabolism, small-molecule biochemistry, cellular assembly and organization
93327Posttranslational modification, protein degradation, protein synthesis
103227Endocrine system development and function, lipid metabolism, molecular transport