Table 1.

Tumor-initiating ability of RCCs

CellsTumor initiation (injected cell number)a
ACHNSP cellsn.d.0/53/64/6
MP cellsn.d.0/50/61/6
RenCaSP cells0/53/55/55/5
MP cells0/50/55/55/5
ACHNDNAJB8 transducedn.d.0/53/59/9
Mock transducedn.d.0/50/57/9
ACHN/DNAJB8SP cellsn.d.0/42/2n.d.
MP cellsn.d.0/40/2n.d.

Abbreviation: n.d., not determined.

  • aThe tumor-initiating abilities were evaluated at day 70 postcell injection for ACHN cells and at day 35 for RenCa cells.