Table 3.

Variables significantly associated with breast cancer survival in multivariate analysis according to NRF2 SNP genotypes

VariablenB (SE)WaldHR (95% CI)P
Nodal status
 Positive1220.859 (0.235)13.4242.362 (1.491–3.740)0.0002485
HER2 status
 Positive390.932 (0.262)12.6332.539 (1.519–4.244)0.000379
AA710.523 (0.243)4.6131.687 (1.047–2.718)0.032

NOTE: Analysis stratified by tumor grade, nodal status, ER status, PR status, histologic type, tumor size, HER2 status, cytoplasmic NRF2 expression, and rs2886162 genotypes. HR (95% CI), HR of breast cancer death and 95% CI from Cox regression survival analysis.

Abbreviations: B (SE), B coefficient with standard error from the Cox regression survival analysis. Ref, reference category.