Table 1.

Comparison of tumor retention of radioactivity and antitumor efficacy of the optimized [131I]ELP-depot in FaDu and PC-3 tumor xenografts in mice

ParameterUnlabeled ELP120-Tyr4[131I]ELP120-Tyr1[131I]ELP120-Tyr4[131I]ELP120 -Tyr7Unlabeled ELP120-Tyr7[131I]ELP120-Tyr7
Number of mice1178121013
Cumulative activity (day·μCi/tumor)03,5978,63617,086015,694
Half-life of radioactivity, dNA3.25.277.08NA6.42
Growth rate at day 11, mm3/d85175−553−1.19
Median survival, d81739603060
Complete regression0/110/72/88/120/1010/13
Survived at day 600/111/72/810/120/1013/13