Table 5.

Correlation of TERT mutation status in original diagnostic TURB tissue and TERT mutation status in urine collected at follow-up

PatientOriginal diagnostic TURB mutation (%)Follow-up urine mutation (%)Tumor gradeRecurrence at time of urine collectionRecurrence after urine collection
1g.1295228C>T (11%)g.1295228C>T (6.3%)pTa HGYesNA
2g.1295250C>T (4.1%)g.1295250C>T (23%)pTa HGYesNo
3g.1295228C>T (5.9%)g.1295228C>T (0.17%)pT1 HGYesNA
4AbsentAbsentpT1 HGNoNo
5AbsentAbsentpT1 HGNoNo
6g.1295228C>T (6.7%)g.1295228C>T (0.64%)pT1 HGYesNA
7g.1295228C>T (8.7%)g.1295228C>T (4.6%)pTa LGYesYes
8g.1295228C>T (7.8%)AbsentpTa HGNoYes
9g.1295228C>T (7.0%)AbsentpT1 HGNoNo
10g.1295228C>T (5.1%)AbsentpTa HGNoNA
11g.1295228C>T (4.8%)AbsentpT1 HGNoNo
12g.1295228C>T (5.5%)g.1295228C>T (5.1%)pT1 HGYesYes
13Unknowng.1295228C>T (6.6%)UnknownYesYes
14AbsentAbsentpTa HGNoNo
15g.1295250C>T (23%)g.1295250C>T (0.69%)pT1 HGYesYes

NOTE: Genomic coordinates refer to the minus (−) strand of chromosome 5 (hg19 assembly).

Abbreviations: HG, high-grade papillary noninvasive urothelial carcinoma; LG, low-grade papillary noninvasive urothelial carcinoma; NA, not applicable.