Table 1.

GO analysis on the TRIB1-dependent gene expression signature in prostate cancer cells

GO accessionGO termP
GO:0044432Endoplasmic reticulum part0.00062
GO:0005783Endoplasmic reticulum0.00527
GO:0042175Nuclear outer membrane-endoplasmic reticulum membrane network0.00527
GO:0005789Endoplasmic reticulum membrane0.00529
GO:0009653Anatomical structure morphogenesis0.00792
GO:0060572Morphogenesis of an epithelial bud0.00868
GO:0030326Embryonic limb morphogenesis0.01703
GO:0035113Embryonic appendage morphogenesis0.01703
GO:0072359Circulatory system development0.03391
GO:0072358Cardiovascular system development0.03391
GO:0005788Endoplasmic reticulum lumen0.03396

NOTE: GeneChip analysis was performed on PC3 cells infected with lentivirus expressing control shRNA (shGFP) or shRNAs to TRIB1 (#1 or #2). We applied the arbitrary cutoffs of >1.5-fold up- or downregulation and extracted a gene set that was commonly upregulated (484 probe sets) or downregulated (309 probe sets) in the TRIB1 shRNA-expressed cells as compared with control shRNA-expressed cells. GO analysis was further done on the signature gene set (793 probe sets). The GO terms whose P values were less than 0.05 were indicated. Bold indicates the ER-related categories.