Table 1.

Experimental diets (g/100 g): study in F344 rats and in Min mice

Study in F344 ratsStudy in Min mice
ControlHemeHCAHeme + HCAControlHemoglobin
AIN76 base8989898965.265.3
Ferric citrate0.0150.0150.035
PhIP + MeIQx7.5 × 10−67.5 × 10−6
Safflower oil555555

NOTE: HCA: PhIP and MeIQx were obtained from Toronto Research Chemicals. All other chemicals were analytical grade and were obtained from either Merck or Sigma. For their drinking water, each dietary group of rats was split in two subgroups. Half of them received tap water in their drinking bottle. The other half received NaNO2 and NaNO3 solutions in tap water. The NaNO2 and NaNO3 solutions were prepared with 170 mg NaNO2/L water and 230 mg NaNO3/L water. Water was replaced twice a week.