Table 1.

ORs of response to platinum-based therapy for various clinicopathologic features

Clinical response
CharacteristicTotalYesNoOR95% CIPaGlobal Pb
All patients682543
T stage
N stage
N stage
 ≥ 2b176111.089(0.346–3.422)0.885
TP53 status
EA status
 Low risk542430
 High risk1411310.4(1.269–85.233)0.029
Poeta classification

Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; EA, evolutionary action score.

  • aUsed Fisher exact test to calculate P values.

  • bIf contingency table was larger than 2 × 2, then global P value was calculated using either χ2 test or Fisher exact test and P value was calculated for each 2 × 2 subtable. For comparison with the EAp53 system, patient tumors were also classified as disruptive and non-disruptive according to Poeta and colleagues (11).

  • cPatients with wild-type TP53 or silent mutations were classified as nondisruptive; however, the association was still not significant even when patients with wild-type TP53 or silent mutations were removed.