Table 1.

Parameter values

δx20μmDiameter of CA grid pointModel specific
pD0.0051/dayNormal tissue death rate(42)
pδ0.71/dayDeath prob. in poor conditionsModel specific
pn5 × 10−41/dayNecrotic turnover rateModel specific
DO1,820μm2/sDiffusion rate of O2(43)
DG500μm2/sDiffusion rate of glucose(44)
DH1,080μm2/sDiffusion rate of protons(40)
DC100μm2/sDiffusion rate of chemoModel specific
Oo0.056mmol/LO2 concentration in blood(45)
Go5mmol/LGlucose concentration in blood(46)
pHo7.4pHpH of bloodPhysiologic pH
VO0.012mmol/L/sMax. O2 concentration(45)
kO0.005mmol/LHalf-max O2 consumption(47)
kG0.04mmol/LHalf-max glucose consumption(47)
kH2.5 × 10−4Proton buffering coefficient(40)
βN6.65pHNormal acid resistance(48)
βT,min6.1pHMaximal acid resistance(47)
pG,max50Maximal glycolytic phenotype(49)
ΔH0.001Pheno. variation rate (acid res.)Model specific
ΔG0.05Pheno. variation rate (glycolysis)Model specific
Ad0.3ATP threshold for deathModel specific
Aq0.8ATP threshold for quiescenceModel specific
τmin0.8DayMin. cell cycle time(47)
σmin80μmMin. vessel spacing(50)
σmean158μmMean vessel spacing(50)
ζO[8,20] × 10−4mmol/LHypoxic angiogenesis zoneModel specific
νmean20Vessel stabilityModel specific
pang0.3Angiogenesis rateModel specific
Co1Chemo concentration in bloodModel specific
Cd0.25Min chemo conc. half-maxModel specific