Table 1.

Characteristics of the 24 African American patients included in the study

PatientClinicaNormal tissue sourceAgebPreoperative PSAcGleason gradeTNM staged
1Henry FordBlood6616.49 (5+4)T2b
2Henry FordBlood594.98 (3+5)T2b
3Henry FordBlood5411.57 (4+3)T3a
4Henry FordBlood506.77 (3+4)T2b
5Henry FordBlood6826.59 (5+4)T4
6Henry FordBlood524.98 (4+4)T2c
7Henry FordBlood605.67 (3+4)T2c
8UCSFProstate547.18 (3+5)T2c
9UCSFBlood6212.89 (4+5)T3b
10UCSFProstate614.17 (4+3)T3a
11UCSFProstate626.27 (3+4)T2c
12Henry FordBlood676.97 (4+3)T2c
13Henry FordBlood6815.17 (4+3)T3b
14Henry FordBlood603.46 (3+3)T2c
15Henry FordBlood645.67 (3+4)T3a
16Henry FordBlood5627.77 (3+4)T2c
17Henry FordBlood585.38 (3+5)T2c
18NorthwesternBlood44117 (3+4)T2c
19NorthwesternBlood56157 (3+4)T3a
20NorthwesternBlood585.37 (4+3)N1
21NorthwesternBlood575.59 (4+5)T2c
22NorthwesternBlood5415.39 (5+4)T3b
23NorthwesternBlood668.69 (4+5)N1
24NorthwesternBlood5613.87 (4+3)T3b
  • aClinic, Henry Ford, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, Michigan; Northwestern, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois; UCSF, University of California, San Francisco, California.

  • bAge, patient age at the time of diagnosis.

  • cPre-op PSA, prostate-specific antigen levels measured prior to radical prostatectomy surgery.

  • dTNM stage, classification of malignant tumors staging system.