Table 1.

Top miRNA candidates showing maximal impact on melanoma cell invasion

Candidate miRNAs accelerating invasion of A375 melanoma cells
miR-19b, miR-19b-1*, miR-21, miR-21*, miR-20b, miR-154*, miR-194*, miR-200a*, miR-200b, miR-200c, miR-200c*, miR-202, miR-202*, miR-203, miR-205*, miR-206, miR-210, miR-218, miR-222, miR-483-5p, miR-490-3p, miR-498, miR-501-5p, miR-507, miR-518a-3p, miR-518b, miR-548i, miR-548j, miR-548m, miR-554, miR-557, miR-559, miR-575, miR-576-5p, miR-578, miR-595, miR-599, miR-611, miR-632, miR-635, miR-640, miR-647, miR-661, miR-766, miR-874, miR-1200, miR-2052, miR-2053, miR-2054
Candidate miRNAs inhibiting invasion of A375 melanoma cells
miR-17*, miR-92b*, miR-125a-3p, miR-125a-5p, miR-126, miR-129*, miR-129-3p, miR-139-5p, miR-181c*, miR-188-5p, miR-192*, miR-193b, miR-194*, miR-198, miR-199a-5p, miR-211, miR-302d, miR-320c, miR-331-3p, miR-339-3p, miR-342-3p, miR-523, miR-549, miR-654-3p, miR-659, miR-660, miR-1254, miR-1255b, miR-1270, miR-1276, miR-1277, miR-1283, miR-1288, miR-1290, miR-1908, miR-1909*, miR-1912
  • NOTE: Candidate miRNAs accelerating or inhibiting invasion were selected according to their Z-scores shown in Supplementary Table S2A. miRNAs affecting cell viability by more than 20% (cf. Supplementary Fig. S2) were excluded.