Table 2.

Multivariate analysis

Log OR (95% CI)P
Intercept0.82 (0.05–1.6)0.044
I/P ratio (log10)0.4 (0.19–0.61)0.001
M stage at inclusion0 (−0.18–0.19)0.97
LDH−0.37 (−0.64 to −0.1)0.013
Gender0 (−0.3–0.31)0.98
Months to M stage0 (0–0.01)0.54
Breslow thickness0 (−0.06–0.06)0.96
Age at inclusion0 (−0.01–0.01)0.83
  • NOTE: Logistic regression model showing that the difference in ratio in the validation cohort is not explained by including M substage, LDH, and other possible confounders as covariates.