Table 2.

The potential drugs that were predicted to be specifically cytotoxic to the BUB1BS tumors and their association with BUB1BS subtypes in glioma cell lines based on CCLE or CGP database (35, 36)

Drug nameEnrichmentaPFDRTargetbTested in CCLEcTested in CGPd
Thioridazine−0.56200Dopamine receptor
Camptothecin−0.9730.000060.0029Topoisomerase I0.783 (−0.04)
H-7 dihydrochloride−0.9220.000060.0029PKC
Irinotecan−0.9640.000120.0041Topoisomerase I0.1002 (0.399)
MS-275−0.9880.000340.0103HDAC0.0084 (0.553)
Azacitidine−0.9070.00150.0397DNA methyl transferase
Etoposide−0.8030.002940.0593Topoisomerase II0.0096 (0.420)
Nordihydroguaiaretic acid−0.4490.003160.0593mTORC1
  • NOTE: –, no drugs were tested in each database.

  • Abbreviation: FDR, false discovery rate.

  • aEnrichment score calculated from connectivity map (34).

  • bTargets of each drug.

  • cP value indicating whether predictive score of cell lines in CCLE data was correlated with the drug sensitivity and correlation in parenthesis.

  • dP value and correlation based on CGP data.