Table 2.

BRET50 values for V-BRAFWT and V-BRAFR188L

V-BRAFWT BRET50V-BRAFR188L BRET50Fold difference
+ STIM1.0374.0503.905a
+ EMPTY4.4734.7111.053 (NS)
Fold change4.313a1.163b
  • NOTE: BRET50 and BRET50 fold changes for each of two Venus-BRAF constructs expressed with RLuc-CRAF in HEK293T cells in the presence or absence of stimulation with NRASQ61K (STIM). Associated with the BRET titration curve in Fig. 4A. Data obtained from biological triplicate samples.

  • Abbreviation: NS, not significant (F-test).

  • aP < 0.0001; F-test.

  • bP < 0.001; F-test.