Table 4.

HRs [95% CIs] for the association between the MEDI-LITE score and cancer risk, NutriNet-Santé Cohort, France, 2009–2017 (n = 41,543)a

Quintiles of the MEDI-LITE score
Continuous score (1-point increment)P12345P
Score range (min–max)
Overall cancer
 All (cases/non-cases)1,489/40,054285/8,380197/5,568404/11,528312/7,135291/7,443
 HR [95% CI]0.99 [0.97–1.01]0.41 [reference]0.94 [0.78–1.13]0.93 [0.80–1.09]1.00 [0.85–1.18]0.95 [0.80–1.13]0.8
Breast cancer
 Women (cases/non-cases)488/30,03782/6,07267/4,136162/10,02269/4,261108/5,546
 HR [95% CI]1.01 [0.97–1.05]0.81 [reference]1.07 [0.77–1.48]1.01 [0.77–0.32]0.96 [0.69–1.33]1.13 [0.84–1.53]0.6
Prostate cancer
 Men (cases/non-cases)222/10,79638/2,47332/1,53037/171174/3,04341/2,039
 HR [95% CI]0.98 [0.93–1.04]0.51 [reference]1.16 [0.72–1.86]1.12 [0.71–1.76]1.14 [0.77–1.70]0.95 [0.61–1.50]0.9
Colorectal cancer
 All (cases/non-cases)118/41,42513/6,55331/9,14735/11,56814/5,16825/8,989
 HR [95% CI]0.96 [0.89–1.03]0. 31 [reference]1.48 [0.77–2.83]1.21 [0.64–2.31]1.06 [0.49–2.28]1.02 [0.51–2.04]0.5
  • Abbreviation: MEDI-LITE, Mediterranean diet based on the literature.

  • aAnalyses were performed by using hazard proportional Cox regression model, adjusted for age (time-scale), sex, educational level (<high-school degree, ≥high-school degree to <2 years after high-school degree, ≥2 years after high-school degree), smoking status (nonsmokers, former smokers, smokers), number of 24-hours dietary records (continuous), height (cm; continuous), family history of cancer (yes/no), body mass index (kg/m²; continuous), physical activity (high, moderate, low, computed following IPAQ recommendations), and energy intake (without alcohol, g/d, continuous). Models for women were further adjusted for the number of biological children (continuous), menopausal status at baseline (premenopausal, postmenopausal), hormonal treatment for menopause at baseline (yes/no), and oral contraception use at baseline (yes/no).